How I can help you

 I will support you, listen to you and seek to understand life from your perspective. Carefully and considerately we can explore the impact of your life event/change on your needs, your relationships, your self esteem, your work and your wishes for the future. 

Sometimes, before getting in contact, prospective clients might already be struggling to talk about their worries with others. They can feel lonely and confused, or carry some shame that they are not being the person they "should" be according to the perceptions/expectations of others, or even themselves. They might be concerned about being a burden on friends or family, or they carry hidden guilt which has arisen for any reason and this weighs heavily, holding them back from happiness and contentment. This is where I can help. You can talk and share freely without judgement, without burden and we can explore your feelings, your emotions at a pace that feels safe and comfortable.

I have the necessary qualifications, experience and tools to support you with change. If at any point I feel another therapist may be better qualified to help you with a specific matter I will gently share this with you and refer you where possible. 

 I am also very happy to support you with the following:-




Generalised anxiety disorder

Health anxiety


Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem


Mental health

Panic attacks


Relationship problems

Separation and divorce

Social anxiety


Suicidal thoughts

Work-related stress

Please see below for details on how to contact me for a free introductory phone call to discuss if and how we might be able to work together to support your needs.