Professional Counselling & Bereavement Specialist in Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent, & Nationwide (Online)

 Face to Face, Online, Telephone 

Welcome. I am Juliet, a Counsellor & Bereavement/Loss Specialist supporting adults and the over 16's through some of the significant difficulties and challenges that life can throw our way.

I primarily (but not exclusively) work with my clients through times of Bereavement, Grief, Loss, Chronic Illness such as Cancer, Arthritis etc (either direct or diagnosed in others), Life Changes/Stages and Personal/Family Relationship Difficulties.

When we are faced (often unexpectedly) with these challenges it may present itself in a myriad of different ways impacting our bodies and our minds - stress, anxiety, isolation, guilt, suicidal thoughts etc. I will support you, listen to you and seek to understand life from your perspective. Carefully and considerately we can explore the impact of your life event/s on your needs, your relationships, your self esteem, your work and your wishes for the future. In addition, I help clients understand and discover their own ‘self’ - how we are shaped by childhood experiences, upbringing, trauma, relationships and the difficulties we face in life as as we seek to understand and live with often forced change (of all types) and move into the future with a new way of being.

It is not unusual for clients to feel reluctant to spend time and money on themselves, yet by investing in our own mental health and wellbeing we invest in our relationships. When we feel happier, calmer, more content or accepting of ourselves we are better able to connect or reconnect with loved ones, friends, colleagues etc.  This is what I hope to be able to offer you - a release from your emotional pain, from whatever keeps you awake at night and holds you back from living the life you want to lead.

I have experienced my own losses, struggles and challenges. I've yearned to wake up each morning feeling brighter and better able to cope with the world, and through compassion, understanding and a wonderful counsellor I got there. This led to me being here for you - I want to make a difference for my clients and you can read more about this in the 'About Your Counsellor' section.

Email me today to arrange your complimentary 15 minute telephone or zoom call where we can have a friendly, informal chat about your reasons for seeking counselling and make a plan to work together.

Sessions are £50 for the standard 'Counselling Hour' of 50 minutes.

 Working together

Face to Face

Our sessions are held in a warm, inviting cabin located within the privacy of my own garden located near Bearsted, just outside of Maidstone. 

Walk Talk Outdoors

Outdoor counselling offers a sense of space and wellbeing as you experience the ever changing seasons and weather our environment has to offer. We will walk or sit as we talk and explore the challenges & worries you are facing.


Telephone counselling can be equally as effective as face to face. Providing you the opportunity to talk openly and explore your worries and concerns at a time and place that is best for you.


Online counselling has enabled therapy to be accessed by more clients than ever. From the comfort & privacy of your own home, we will work using Zoom in a safe, confidential manner.

I offer a free 15 minute introductory telephone call.

All counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

Sessions (regardless of type) are £50 payable at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise cancellation fees apply.

Discounted sessions may be available. Please feel comfortable to ask me about this. 

A working agreement will be emailed to you in advance of our first session for you to read and gain a better understanding of how we will work together. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Please see contact details below.