About Juliet - Counsellor & Bereavement Specialist

My own personal experiences of grief, loss and anxiety once left me feeling isolated and alone in my thoughts. I struggled to make sense of what was happening within and around me. Were my feelings ‘normal’ and would the myriad of negative emotions and feelings that I and my loved ones faced on a daily basis ever go away?!

In my early 30's I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Fortunately I am well. For me, running & exercise has always had a significant role in my life, and a healthy lifestyle helps keep the pain mostly at bay.  It hasn't been easy & I have deep empathy for anyone who is struggling with Cancer, RA & other health conditions, as well as navigating the challenges life brings not only for themselves but for those around them.

My diagnosis led me to become a qualified Pilates teacher and I worked within the physical health and emotional industry for over 14 years. I worked empathically, considerately and respectfully with all of my clients and I uphold these key values in my therapeutic work and private practice to this day.

During my own counselling journey, I discovered the power of ‘being heard’. I was encouraged to explore what was happening for me whilst being held in a safe and non-judgemental space. With the support of my therapist, I began to find and understand my sense of self, process my grief and work on alleviating and reducing my anxiety. It is this journey, combined with over 14 years of teaching Pilates that led to my becoming a therapist.

My counselling offerings include supporting my clients through times of bereavement, grief, loss, chronic illness (either direct or diagnosed in others), life changes/stages and personal/family relationship difficulties. As part of this we explore and work with the consequences of the above such as anxiety, isolation, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, frustration, anger and more.

I have volunteered with a Kent hospice - counselling and supporting bereaved family members and friends as they seek to come to terms with significant, often painful, difficult change, loss, and endings. Clients may struggle to find their way forward so we work together to find ways of taking new steps into the future.

I run my own private practice and also offer my services as a Bereavement Specialist.  My approach is one of Professionalism, Empathy, and the offer of a Safe, Non-Judgemental space.

In my role as a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor, I adhere to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) Ethical Framework which guides and informs my work with counselling clients. You can read a copy of these guidelines here

The BACP Ethical Framework ensures that counselling clients are protected from harm and that all counsellors work in the very best interests of their clients.

As a Registered counsellor with the BACP, I have had to demonstrate that I work safely with my counselling clients. Ongoing assessments by the BACP ensure the highest of professional standards are adhered to. 

The pandemic led to the delivery of face to face talking therapies changing drastically. Zoom and telephone became the essential ways of meeting the therapeutic needs of clients when we were unable to meet face to face. I am trained and certified to deliver safe, confidential telephone and zoom therapy as an excellent alternative to face to face work.

This successful style of therapy continues to be in demand, increasing therapeutic accessibility for many,  and I am proud to offer this way of working to my clients. 

I am fully insured and registered with the Information Commissioners Office - thus adhering to GDPR regulations for the safe storage of your data.